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What We've Been Up To

Part A. JCDP Accomplishments For 2019/2020 as of March 27, 2020

1. The duly elected Johnson County Democratic Party, as of the date of the Democratic Primary held on March 3, 2020, has had a banner year in 2019 and continuing into 2020! The Democratic turnout for this primary election was up about 60% from the previous primary and all the Democratic Candidates are ready for the general election in November. Congratulations to Linda Brown on her re-election as Johnson County Chair and to all the past and new Precinct Chairs. We have candidates running for office in the general election. Cindy Rocha is running for State House District 58 and Chris Evans for Johnson County Commissioner Precinct 3. Robert Vick is running for State Senate in Senate District 22. Julie Oliver is running against Roger Williams, the Trump Clone, in U.S. Congressional District 25. These are all very important races, and we look forward to supporting them from now to the general election in the fall. Of course, we all know the importance of the other Texas statewide races. They include the other U.S. Congressional Districts as well as our U.S. Senate race where we will give John Cornyn the boot into retirement! The Democratic U.S. Senate primary race is bound for a run-off in June between M. J. Hegar and Royce West. The race that may have the biggest impact of any race in the history of our nation is our presidential race to oust Donald Trump and save our democracy and our constitution! So, it is our hope that all Democrats will be able to come together in Johnson County and all over our nation!

2. The following are Johnson County Democratic Party events plus events from other Democratic Party Organizations. The other organizations work through and with the Johnson County Democratic Party, to further our common interest and goals. These meetings have occurred as scheduled and are listed below:

a. JCDP Monthly Meeting and Potluck Social – 2nd Tuesday of each month at the JN Long Cultural Arts Complex 425 Granbury Street, Cleburne, Texas from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

b. Johnson County Democratic Party Executive Committee Meetings as required by Texas Democratic Party and JCDP By-Laws. They are called by the County Chair.

c. Other necessary meetings as called by the County Chair or others from time to time.

d. Taco Tuesday Lunch Social – Hosted by Isom’s Morning Coffee at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop 125 E Renfro St Burleson, Texas at 11:30 AM every Tuesday for like-minded Democrats.

e. Drinking Liberally hosted by JCDP on 4th Friday of each month at Villa Dianna Italian Restaurant 2475 E Renfro Street Burleson, Texas at 6:30 PM.

f. Texas Democratic Women of Johnson County meet monthly every 3rd Saturday at 3 PM at Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant 344 SW Wilshire Blvd Burleson, Texas.

g. Chisholm Trail Stonewall Democrats of Johnson & Surrounding Counties meet 2nd Saturday monthly at 6 PM at the Asian Buffet 1437 W. Henderson Cleburne, Texas (including Bosque, Ellis, Erath, Hill, Hood, Parker and Somervell counties).

h. There have been several events where Democratic Organizations have individually or jointly participated in special or holiday celebrations throughout Johnson County and have been well recognized while gathering Democratic support. (Cinco de Mayo, 4th July Parades, etc.)

3. The following presentations and events were held at various JCDP Monthly Meetings or as otherwise scheduled.

a. Guest Speaker, Chris Tackett, spoke on the corrosive effects of Dark Money in Texas Politics, and how a few wealthy individuals are buying politicians and political races, gathering influence and power by spending millions of dollars to advance their own self-serving agendas. April 9, 2019 around of 50 attendees.

b. Guest Speaker, Dr. David Currie, Ordained Minister, spoke on the separation of church and state which is so important to maintaining our democracy. He is also a leading authority on religious freedom. May 14, 2019 more than 40 attendees.

c. Guest Speaker, Ken Shetter, Mayor of Burleson, spoke about the problem with guns in our society and the need for reasonable gun control on September 10, 2019 before more than 60 attendees from Johnson County and the surrounding area..

d. Guest, Bruce Jones played the role of Santa for children of Johnson County and from as far away as North Richland Hills and Blum on December 10, 2019. We estimated that the come and go attendance reached over 100!

e. The following Candidates also spoke to the JCDP or members of JCDP attended candidate events where various candidates were present.

1. Royce West, run-off Candidate for U.S. Senate spoke at a fund-raising event for JCDP on October 8, 2019. The attendance was between 80 and 100 and was a very successful event.

2. Julie Oliver, U.S. Congressional District 25 Candidate to oust Roger Williams, the Trump Clone, visited the JCDP several times.

3. Chrysta Castaneda, run-off Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

4. Heidi Sloan, Candidate for U.S. Congressional District 25.

5. Robert Vick, Candidate for State Senate District 22.

6. Chris Evans, Candidate for Johnson County Commissioner Precinct 3.

7. On Saturday February 15, 2020 more than 20 JCDP members traveled to Hillsboro to attend a United States Senate Democratic Candidate Forum sponsored by the Hill County Democratic Party.

8. This list represents the things remembered – it has no claim to all that has happened! Please let us know about those missed!

4. The Johnson County Democratic Party is pleased with our accomplishments this past year and as we forge ahead through the troubles presented by the Coronavirus and the uncertainties we face in the future. Let us all try to work together for not only our own good but for the good of all our country’s people.